Update Wakilni App on Shopify - December 2023

Wakilni App Update on Shopify

1. In some cases, it's mandatory to update Wakilni app on Shopify to either support new features or optimize existing one

In this release, it's highly recommended to reinstall the App, otherwise the auto restock functionality won't work as expected.

2. When visiting "Unshipped", you will be prompted to Reinstall Wakilni App on Shopify, click "REINSTALL"

3. You will be redirected to Shopify where you need to update Wakilni App. Click on "Update app"

4. Once updated, you will be redirected to https://shipping.wakilni.com automatically. Login with your Wakilni Credentials

5. Enter your Shop Name and Press "LOGIN"

Note: You can find your Shop name on Shopify by going to Settings -> Domains and get the original Shop name i.e. shop.myshopify.com

6. Once done, please logout and login to https://portal.wakilni.com again

For your inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on frontdesk@wakilni.com

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