New Self-Pickup Order - July 2023

1. Navigate to Active Orders page:

2. Click "NEW ORDER"

3. Select Recipient Name

4. Click on the Self-Pickup checkbox.

5. If you Click "CREATE" without filling the Self-Pickup location, the Self-Pickup offices drop-down will be highlighted in red.

6. Select the Self-pickup location such as Wakilni Beirut

To support Self-pickup orders on your Shopify, or WooCommerce please refer to the relevant documentation under Release Notes for Shopify and WooCommerce

7. After creating the Order, click on "Download Barcode" to download the barcode for the order

8. The barcode shows that the order is Self-pickup

9. To check the Order Tracking link, click on the Order Number

10. Click "TRACK ORDER"

11. A new tab will open with the Tracking details. This is what will show to your customers.

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