Order auto creation from Shopify to Wakilni portal - Nov 2023

1. As client, login to Wakilni portal

2. In the settings page, click "APP TOKENS"

3. Click on the edit icon for the selected shop

4. Click to enable "Order auto creation from Shopify to Wakilni" feature

5. Click "SAVE EDIT"

6. The orders will appear directly in the "Shipped" page

7. The order will be added automatically to the active page

8. If an error occurs when pushing the order i.e. missing phone number. You can check the errors in the Notifications banner on top. Click on the notification bell to see notifications.

9. In case any error happened and the order creation is failed, you will get a notification

10. To see the Unshipped Order to correct them, Go to Third-Party -> Your Shop Name -> Unshipped, Edit orders and Ship again

For your inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on frontdesk@wakilni.com

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