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Wakilni is your E-commerce fulfillment partner. We provide a logistics arm for businesses, online stores and individuals.

Partnership with DHL

Wakilni has partnered with DHL to make the process of international shipping a simple, straightforward, and more affordable one for SMEs.
Wakilni’s team will assist you through every step.

We deliver for

The zones we cover & average rates:

Rates are indicative and vary based on volumetric weight
Estimated Time of Arrival
2-4 working days
25 to 30 USD
4-5 working days
35 to 45 USD
5-7 working days
40 to 50 USD

How to place orders

Our policy

Terms & Conditions
When ordering DHL's services you, as "Shipper", are agreeing, on your behalf and on behalf of the consignee of the shipment and anyone else with an interest in the Shipment that these Terms and Conditions shall apply. Any additional costs outside the scope of work will be charged directly to the customer’s account.
Declined Shipments:
  • Packages shipped to Syria or Palestine, since there’s no local DHL office there.
  • Packages that contains flammable items (cosmetics and oils). Such Shipments require acceptance and must have a clearance from the ministry of health and the items also should be registered officially in the ministry.
  • Packages classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles under ADR (European Road Transport Regulation on dangerous goods) or by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), or other relevant organization (Dangerous Goods).
  • Packages missing required details such as : incorrect address, unsafe packaging and packages not properly marked.
  • DHL has the right to open and inspect a shipment without notice for safety, customs and other regulator reasons.
Shipment Charges, Duties and Fees
  • DHL Shipment charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight per package may be re-weighed and re-measured by DHL to confirm this calculation, the above prices are for standard packages that weigh up to 1.5KG.
  • Payment of Customs Duties and other charges due as indicated on DHL website in the receiving country may be requested from the consignee prior to delivery.
  • Cash on delivery is not available for international shipments.
You may choose to ensure your shipments; the following additional rates apply:
• Order value < 333 USD – an additional $10 fee is added to the shipping fees .
• Order value > 333 USD – an additional fee equivalent to 3% of the shipment’s declared value is added to the shipping fees.
Insurance is based on the declared value of the package as well as its fragility. Fragile items should be properly bubble wrapped and packaged in a wooden box with a “Fragile” sticker.
Shipping Fees
  • Shipping fees shall be prepaid upon pickup in cash USD, prior to shipping.
  • If custom fees are applicable, Wakilni will notify you for settlement.
  • In the event of a return from the recipient, shipping fees remain applicable.

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