SKU Support - June 2023

In this release, we support adding package details such as Name (or description) and the SKU to the order. You can add one or multiple SKUs with the relevant description and quantity when adding an order. This will be reflected to the Order details page that shows for you as a client and for Wakilni team. Part of this feature is also automatically reflecting the right SKUs to the orders coming from WooCommerce and Shopify.

When adding or editing an order, you can set the Name and SKU for the packages included in the order.

  1. From the Create New Order page, in the Packages to Deliver section. Add an SKU and Name for your packages. You can also click on the + button to add more packages.

  2. Click on Create to create order

  3. You can remove or edit the details of an order from the Edit page

You can view the details of an order including SKU, Name/Description, and Quantity from the order details page.

  1. Click on the Show icon of the order or the Order number

  2. Check the details under Package data in the following format: Quantity, SKU, and Name

In the unshipped page, you can now see the package details of an order including the SKU as shown in the image below:

Note: before being shipped on Wakilni portal, orders can be changed from Shopify and WooCommerce. Afterwards, they can be edited from Wakilni portal as described earlier in Feature #1.

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