Default Currencies Preferences - June 2023

The default currencies preferences allow you to set your default currency and the default alternative currency if you allow your customers to pay in either currencies (for example: USD and LBP).

From Settings, you can manage your currencies and what default currencies you would like to be applied when adding an order, and the preferred alternative currency if desired. For example, if you would like to have all your orders priced in USD and allow client to pay in LBP for all your orders, you can set the default currency to USD and the preferred alternative currency to LBP.

  1. Go to Settings from the left menu

  2. In the Currencies tab, Toggle the button in the Default Currency column for the currency that you would like to have as a default currency for all your new orders

  3. Click on Confirm to set the default currency

  4. After setting the default currency, you can set another currency as the Preferred Alternative Currency by toggling the button under Preferred Alternative Currency for the desired currency

  5. Once set for all new orders, the Default Currency and Preferred Alternative Currency will be selected automatically when creating an order

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