Multiple Packages (Wakilni/Shopify/WooCommerce) - August 2023

1. Click on "New Order"

2. Select recipient

3. Fill the rest of the details

4. Click on "+ Add your packages here" to add your packages

5. Fill in the "Quantity", "Name", and "SKU" for your package

6. Click on the "+" icon to add more packages

7. Fill in the details for every additional package

8. Click on "Create"

9. Go to "Active" Order page and locate your new order

10. Click on "Download Waybill" icon to download the Waybill

11. Click on the Downloaded waybill

12. You will get a new waybill with multiple pages for multiple packages, and one page for orders with one package. Each package will have its unique barcode

Note: Please note that old orders will still have one barcode per order. New orders added on the system will have multiple pages Waybill with package barcode on each page

13. Click on "Download Barcode" icon to download barcodes

14. Click "Save"

15. Check the package barcodes instead of one barcode for order

Shopify/WooCommerce Changes

1. Go to "Unshipped" page where you can see all your Shopify/WooCommerce orders

2. Items coming from Shopify/WooCommerce are in a new column named "Items"

3. The number of packages in an order is 1 by default

4. You can edit the number of packages by clicking on the Edit button

5. Change the number of packages in the "Quantity" field.

6. Click "SUBMIT"

7. Click on the truck icon or "Ship Selected Orders" after selecting multiple orders

8. Click "CREATE"

9. The waybill will automatically open in a new page. You'll notice that you have multiple pages per order whenever there are multiple packages.

10. Click "Active" to check the shipped orders

11. Click on "Download Barcode" to download barcodes

12. You will notice that multiple barcodes will be downloaded whenever there are multiple packages in the orders

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