1. Install Wakilni App from Shopify app store: If you already have the app installed before and want to re-install, please remove the app token in settings in your portal first

  2. After installing the app on Shopify or when clicking on the Wakilni App from Shopify, you will be redirected to

  3. Choose the country where you're working with Wakilni (Lebanon or Jordan), insert your email and password and click Login

  4. In the next page, enter your shop URL. i.e:

    • Note To find your shop name on Shopify. From Shopify, Go to Settings -> Domains and find your shop name that is similar to the following format:

  5. You will be navigated to the unfulfilled orders page where you should see all your Unfulfilled orders coming from Shopify

    • Note orders should be unfulfilled on Shopify in orders to show on Wakilni's portal. They should be shipped with Wakilni from Wakilni's portal

  6. Once done, log out from, close it, and visit, login from the menu on the left, Third-Party -> your-store -> Unshipped tab, your orders will be viewed.

    You can edit and request shipment for multiple orders

    • Note you may need to clear your browser's cache before this step for the portal to work normally or hard reload by pressing ctrl+shift+R. Please refer to this link to learn more about Clear cache in Google Chrome

  7. To ship an order with Wakilni, make sure all details are valid. That means you don't have any red lines or red messages for the orders. You can edit the order details if needed

  8. When the order is ready to be shipped, you can click on the "truck" icon on the left of the order row or select multiple orders and click "Ship Selected Orders" on top of the page. Once done, you can see your orders in the Active page accessible from the left-menu, Orders -> Active

  9. In Settings -> App Tokens, on edit, you can edit the following Shopify Settings:

    • Add a tag for the orders based on the tag defined in your Shopify to filter orders by this tag

    • Enable/Disable Order Auto Cancelation from Wakilni to Shopify

      • Cancel an order on Shopify when cancelled through Wakilni. This feature can be accompanied with the following settings:

        • Order auto restock from Wakilni to Shopify

          • When an order is cancelled through Wakilni, the items are restocked in your Shopify store inventory.

        • Order auto refund from Wakilni to Shopify

          • When an order is cancelled through Wakilni, the payment transaction will be:

            • Voided when the order payment method is Cash on Delivery

            • Refunded when the order is already paid

    • Order auto set as paid from Wakilni to Shopify

    • Order auto cancellation from Shopify to Wakilni

      • Only pending orders will be cancelled on Wakilni when cancelled through Shopify/

    • Order auto fulfillment on cancellation from Wakilni to Shopify

      • Sets the order as unfulfilled on Shopify when cancelled through Wakilni

    • Order auto creation from Shopify to Wakilni:

      • Orders will be created on Wakilni portal once an order is created from you Shopify store.

        • Your orders will be set as fulfilled once created on Wakilni Portal

        • If you added a tag for your orders, your orders will be created on Wakilni portal once they are tagged

    • Alternative Currency that will be set automatically

Note Please keep using The shipping portal is only used for integration purposes.


To set up the self-pickup from Wakilni option, kindly follow the instructions here:

pageCreate "Self Pickup From Wakilni" Option on Shopify - July 2023

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