Dark Stores by Wakilni

Wakilni is your E-commerce fulfillment partner. We provide a logistics arm for businesses, online stores and individuals

Our services include

Shelving & Storage

Monthly rates
$ 10 /Month
Stagnant Storage
$ 30 /CBM/Month
Clothes Hanger
$ 20 /Month


$ 0.5 /Order


We do not deliver high value items (>$200 or equivalent value) in Baalbeck and Hermel areas. Restricted areas in the Bekaa region: Britel , Yammouni , Chrawne , Nabichit , Horta3la, Ersal , Rmessa, Khodor. Price excluding VAT where applicable.
Zones A and B
$ 2.5 /Order


You can provide us with your own bags or boxes to be used when fulfilling your orders, Alternatively, we provide bags and special wrapping options:
Type of Branding
Wakilni-branded craft bags
Unbranded craft bags
Unbranded nylon flyers
Bubble wrap
for packages up to 20x20x20cm
Gift wrap
Branded nylon flyers
TBD on case by case basis

Pickup and Drop-off From Suppliers

Inventory Management

Self Pickup

$ 2 /Order

Our policy

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cut off Times:
Pick-up / Deliver by motorcycle: Place your request one day ahead. Same day pick-ups and deliveries by motorcycle shall be attended to based on availability.
Pick-up / Deliver by car: Place your request one day ahead. Pick-ups and deliveries will be scheduled based on availability.
A pick-up from location A followed by a delivery to location B is counted as 1 trip.
A pick-up from location A followed by a delivery to location B and then returning to location A is counted as 1.5 trips.
You may choose one of the below 3 subscription plans for receiving your clients' cash/Piggy Banks:
* Once a week
* Once every two weeks
* Once every month
You will be asked to sign a receipt upon receiving your cashbox. Please make sure to count the received amount on the spot. Wakilni will not be liable for any raised issues after receiving the signed copy of the receipt.
Your cashbox includes all the collected amounts for orders delivered, excluding the last 3 working days for auditing purposes.
Cashboxes are issued based on the set schedule. If you require your cashbox ahead of time, kindly inform us over your support whatsapp group and we will provide you with the earliest dispatch date. An additional fee applies.
In case your scheduled cashbox falls on a holiday, you will receive it on the next due date.
Wakilni issues monthly bills between the 1st and 10th. We accept payments by cash only.
If you require your customers to only pay in a certain currency, kindly inform us and make sure your customers are well informed of such.
Our operators may contact you via WhatsApp for queries related to collections and exchange rates. Our drivers are instructed to wait up to 10 minutes at a customer's destination while you provide a response. In the event that a response is not received within this timeframe, the driver will apply Wakilni’s daily exchange rate.
It is not our team’s responsibility to detect fake notes.
If you require us to make a payment to your suppliers, kindly ensure that you provide the amount in advance.
For special fulfillment needs, an extra charge of $0.2/order applies.
For queries related to accounting, please message us on the support WhatsApp group and allow the accounting team 24 hours to get back to you.
Credit card payment upon delivery:
Kindly add a comment on the portal if your customer wants to pay by credit card when you place their order with us.
A 2.5% charge will apply to all orders regardless the amount to be charged.
International cards and fresh accounts cards in USD are now accepted with a 4% charge. We are no longer able to process cards in Lollars.
We accept Visa and MasterCard . We do not accept Amex cards.
Credit card payments (LBP & USD) are paid back to the store in the form of checks.
General Terms:
In the event of a complaint regarding the service provided, please contact us on [email protected] or on your dedicated WhatsApp group. Please allow our team 24 hours to get back to you.
The Client is required to give a minimum of 30 days written notice before terminating the use of our dark store service.
Any additional costs outside the scope of work will be charged directly to your account.
Your stored items are insured against loss, damages and theft. Compensation is determined depending on case by case basis and in coordination with the insurer.
We do not handle prohibited or illegal items. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that items being sent do not contain any prohibited or illegal items.
We reserve the right to charge additional fixed fees in the event of non-moving quantities and/or SKUs.
Please limit communication over WhatsApp groups to text messages or voice notes under 30 seconds. Calls need to be prescheduled.
Happy to have you on board!
Still think we missed something, reach out on [email protected]